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new design? no they dont

from 80 to 92 the s -series was the same body like the old 123 seies, and in south america it went from 80 to almost 2000 because the model was so popular then the 140 series came along 92 to 99 same body style. then the new benz from 200 to now the body style changed alittle bit in the front fascia but not too much. before that 73 to 79 mercedes had the same body style on all its cars. bmw i dont know i am new to this brand. but they pretty much do the same. they go down in value so much because no person would pay 40k for a 5 year old car that was 90k brand new, and it makes sence why buy a 40k used car when a new shiny jap car costs 25k? and the person who buys a benz knows this, but they can afford to take a loss and dont cry about it, it the cost of driving a nice car.



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